5 Artists to Follow on Instagram

These 5 artists will bless your Instagram feed with some major fashion inspo. There are many amazing artists and illustrators out there that devote most of their art to fashion but over time I’ve found these five to be my absolute favorite!

  1. @angelicahicks
    This artists combines fashion with humor. Her hilarious and “punny” illustrations are up to date with the most current events in fashion. I love how she combines pop culture with fashion.
  2. @iscreamcolour
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    This illustrator and graphic artist is my second favorite to follow on instagram. Her drawings are playful, fun, and very colorful! Her style of art is very youthful and reminds me of Lisa Frank.
  3. @kerriehessillustration
    FullSizeRender (2)
    This well known illustrator has illustrated for a few well known brands like Louis Vuitton and Cartier! Her feed has the perfect balance of pastel colors that is very refreshing and appealing to the eye. Her illustrations are absolutely beautiful!
  4. @birdyandme
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    This artists based in Australia has quite the list of clients including Valentino and Vogue. Her feed gives your day the ultimate high fashion inspiration. Her illustrations are youthful, detailed, and seductive.
  5. @paperfashion
    FullSizeRender (4)
    Here’s a New York City based artists with the prettiest color palette ever! Her water color paintings are my favorite. This artists doesn’t focus just on fashion, her feed offers a variety of photos with colors that will inspire you! Her iconic paintings of the ballerinas are my favorite.

So there you have it! Five fantastic illustrators to follow on instagram for your daily dose of style inspiration.